No REST for the wicked: an introduction to GraphQL [Video]

I recently gave a talk at Ember London on GraphQL, a language introduced by Facebook to build powerful and extensible APIs. Watch the video from the January meetup below and check out our open source Ember Data adapter here.

No REST for the wicked: an introduction to GraphQL - Ju Liu from Ember London on Vimeo.

This talk was originally delivered at Ember London. You can follow Ju on Twitter @arkh4m.

Sonic PI: Live Music, Live Coding [Video]

I gave a talk at RubyDay 2015 about Sonic PI, a free live coding synth where you can write code to compose and perform music.

In the talk, I go through the main features of the application and show how easy it is to start composing your own pieces writing plain old Ruby. Then, I move on to the more advanced synth features, using multiple threads and sample manipulation to start producing more complex tracks. After all that, I get

Testing React Components with Shallow Rendering

Daria knows what's up.

Facebook's React provides developers with a lightweight frontend framework that creates views using a blend of Javascript and HTML in what are known as components. While React can be written using pure Javascript, our team constructs these components using JSX - our team prefers it because it dramatically improves readability and has no impact on performance since it transcompiles to pure Javascript on every build. While it will take time to transcompile, a modern web app will need a build

Tap, Inject, and Each_With_Object


I realized the other day that, while I’ve been using Object#tap, Enumerator#each#with_object, and Enumerable#each_with_object for some time now, I wasn’t completely clear on the difference between these methods or how best to employ them. Mostly I just threw in Object#tap wherever I saw sandwich code and called it a day.

Time for a…


A good place to start is Ruby Docs for the method definitions:

Object#tap -
Yields self

What Companies Look for in a Junior Developer [Q&A]

Andy Cipolaro, the Head of Technical Talent at AlphaSights, spoke to Flatiron School about the special combination of past work experience and programming abilities that AlphaSights looks for when hiring junior developers. Check out the interview on Flatiron School's blog or read it below.

Over the past few years, Flatiron School has worked with hundreds of companies to place our students in careers they love. So, what is that special combination of past work experience and programming abilities that our