How We do Pull Requests

AlphaSights Pull Requests

At AlphaSights we have a very specific way we like to do PRs and try to follow a set of guidelines to standardize the process. We aren’t dogmatic about it or anything, so if one of our “rules” doesn’t make sense we leave it out. However, for the most part we follow them, resulting in reviewers having enough information to give a solid review and reduce the likelihood of introducing bugs and/or technical debt.

What I’ve Learned After 3 Months as a Junior Developer

Kyle Doherty originally posted this article on his blog, T-Shaped. Stay in touch with Kyle on Twitter @kylefdoherty

I just finished my 3 month Software Engineering Apprenticeship and am a full time Junior Software Engineer at AlphaSights now. I absolutely couldn’t be happier with my decision to switch careers and go to The Flatiron School to become a developer. Big shoutout to Flatiron School for helping me learn to program and start a new career that I LOVE!