How to land a job as a developer

A junior developer recently asked about job opportunities on the NYC-rb mailing list. This trigged interesting replies with general advice on the job seeking process. Some of the responses were summarised at the blog.

An important part of my role as Technical Director at AlphaSights is to review and interview candidates, so I also replied to share my opinion. In this blog post I'm expanding on that advice. It applies to developers in general, especially junior developers.


Building AlphaSights stone by stone

After the founders, the next two employees of AlphaSights were software engineers. From the beginning, AlphaSights was built on a foundation of exceptional employees enabled by great software. Our engineering team of two was located in a startup hub in Cambridge, whilst the founders were running things from a shared office in London.

Starting to build

Prior to having our first customer, opinions diverged wildly as to what our optimal processes should look like. We built in all directions. Days