How to design reusable components in Ember 2 [Video]

In his talk titled "How to design reusable components in Ember 2," AlphaSights software engineer Ju Liu describes how we built an open source calendar component. Watch the video from the August 2nd Ember London Meetup below and check out the component on our github.

How to design reusable components in Ember 2 - Ju Liu from Ember London on Vimeo.

Styles across frameworks

Splitting our monolithic app into micro-services created a major challenge for the front-end and design teams: keeping styles and user experience unified across different platforms and frameworks. Some of our client-side products are built with Ember.js, some use Rails, some Rails and React and others just pure CSS. They all serve the same purpose, so they must have the same look and feel.

The first step we took to simplify the process was to create Paint, our own internal

Testing Ember with Ember CLI Mirage

At AlphaSights, we're always trying to improve the functionality and features of our applications. One of the reasons we can iterate so quickly is our confidence in the tests we write.

Testing Ember applications generally gets a bad rap due to some unfortunate experiences. While Ember testing may not be a 100% pain-free experience, there are smart people making big strides towards an easier and better testing future. If your Ember application is one that consumes a back-end API, then

Elixir Process Architecture or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love to Crash

Let it Crash

“Let it crash.”

That’s what I kept hearing. To be honest, it's taken me a while to grok this. It wasn't until I designed and implemented a few systems with a focus on a Process based architecture that the philosophy really clicked. Now, it's core to my thinking and it's enabled me start writing systems with greater fault tolerant that are more well thought out, with less code.

Learning to let it crash

Let’s look at a practical

How to stop worrying and love your Postgres indexes

In this article we will explore how to get the most out of indexes in our applications and how to fully exploit their immense power. Hopefully, after reading this you’ll be a member of the Sacred Order of the SQL Indexing Gurus™.

I feel that this comic is somehow relevant.

XKCD 208

O Index, Who Art Thou?

So, what’s an index in the first place? An index makes our query really fast. No wait, scrap that. An index makes our