Highlighting Select2 Fields with Rails Validation

Select2 is a great way to add customizable select boxes with support for searching, tagging, remote data sets, infinite scrolling, and much more to your Rails application.

While setting up select2 is beyond the scope of this post, one useful Rails ability that you lose when using select2 fields inside of a Rails form helper is the automatic highlighting of fields that fail your rails model validations.

Highlighting Errors


In the above image you can see that rails was properly

How We do Pull Requests

AlphaSights Pull Requests

At AlphaSights we have a very specific way we like to do PRs and try to follow a set of guidelines to standardize the process. We aren’t dogmatic about it or anything, so if one of our “rules” doesn’t make sense we leave it out. However, for the most part we follow them, resulting in reviewers having enough information to give a solid review and reduce the likelihood of introducing bugs and/or technical debt.

How We Plan Iterations

At AlphaSights, we more or less follow the Scrum agile development framework. I recommend Scrum and XP from the Trenches by Henrik Kniberg for an introduction. However, we have added a couple of extra steps for many of our teams to ensure that iteration planning is as clear and efficient as possible. As a Product Analyst, my job revolves around the prep work required before our team can begin developing a feature. Preparation for a typical two week iteration usually

Session-less Authentication With Ember Simple Auth and Torii

Authentication is one of the things everyone wants to have but nobody has enough time to implement properly. This could be the reason why resources on this topic are very scarce and fragmented, especially those concerning Ember and other client-side frameworks.

The intent of this article is to explain the process of session-less authentication from top to bottom using Ember, Ember Simple Auth and Torii. We will be focusing on integrating with the Google API, but the same process can

Deploying Ember Applications with Divshot

At AlphaSights, we were recently faced with finding a solid deployment setup for all our Ember applications. I’d like to briefly describe the process that brought us from Heroku to Divshot.

In the beginning there was Heroku

Heroku was our natural first choice. We have the majority of our applications there, and we all love the simplicity of git push.

tonycoco maintains a very good heroku buildpack suited for this case, so deploying just meant creating the applications with